We are a warm welcoming church with the expression of God’s love at the heart of our mission statement. At the centre is the overarching aim to continue our desire to use the building space to develop our discipleship vision, to be Christ-led, spirit-filled and bible-led and, with a willingness to serve our diverse church and community families.  Our mission work has been evident over the years by our support of the wider church by sending in the recent past, two church members for ministry training at URC training colleges, with ordination and placement in three churches nation-wide including the prominent Lumen Centre, London this year.

We look forward with excitement to develop wider links with United Reformed Church through the leadership of our member Miss P Osei as Youth Moderator and Revd Tessa Henry-Robinson as 2023-2024 Moderator of General Assembly.  Our church secretary Ms H Darkwah current serves as an executive member of the Thames North Synod and Miss S Stewart under the leadership of Mrs S Ackroyd has been instrumental in developing our youth work with us, the East London Group and the Synod alike. This demonstrates our focus of working jointly in the URC Christian ministry. Sandra Ackroyd continues her racial justice advocacy work within the URC.  We are blessed to have Revd Francis Ackroyd (Rtd.) who with his wide experience of the URC for advice and guidance. The ministerial pastorate is made up of a strong tripartite ministerial leadership lead by Revd Shahbaz Javed (Convenor of East London Local Area Group), Revd Tessa Henry-Robinson and Revd Sujeeth Kumar.

We continue to work on our spiritual growth through weekly bible study and engage the church community with love and imagination. Creating visionary ways of forming a deeper sense of spiritual worship, extending our pastoral visits to existing members and reaching out to new people who walk in, seeking safe sanctuary.  The success our regular online Tuesday prayers services, Sunday morning bible study followed by the Sunday services and, the weekly joint ecumenical Friday prayer group are some of the spirit-led creations of individuals provides us with thought-provoking bible-based discussions.

Collectively, the elders who hold a decision-making strategic role also support the pastoral needs of the church and support with a limited number of committed members.

We are blessed to be serving a multicultural membership with a weekly regular attendance of up to 40 including children, as we begin to merge out of the Covid-19 lockdown measures, while we aim to continue with our hybrid online worship, increase our physical and social presence on the church premises with the children’s ministry extending beyond Sunday morning service events and deepen our connectedness with our uniformed organisations (Girls Brigade and Boys Scouts) building on the parade services to celebrate Christian calendar events to add to the current yearly Remembrance Day Services.